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A wide range of work opportunities exist for job seekers within the airline sector. A lucrative salaries and rewards, including discounted or cost free travel are available for employees working within an airline. Get more information related to jobs widely available in the airline industry:

Flight Attendants - A key part of the crew on commercial flights are airline flight attendants who cater to the passengers inside the airplanes. A number of the duties carried out by the flight attendents are to attend and care for travellers whilst the flight is in progress, making sure proper seating, serving food and drink, and passenger safety in normal and emergency situations.

Pilots and Navigators - Major task of airplane pilots are to operate and fly airplanes safely from point of departure to destination. All the prospective pilots will need pilot licence with a minimum number of flight hours and experience to be recruited by airlines. Airplane navigators perform many duties for example operating radio and flight navigation equipment, plotting flight routes, altitude, distance and velocity to help the pilot in flying the airplane.

Ticket Reservation Sales Agents - Flight ticket reservation sales agents are employed to market airline flight seats on commercial flights to passengers over the telephone and through the World wide web. Their day to day activites include things like issuing flight ticket price quotes, flight and other travel information, handle electronic cash and ticket transactions, and arranging seats on a flight ticket booking system.

Passenger Customer Service Staffs - Passenger customer service staff typically work at the airport departures counter. They generally carry out several duties such as preparing, selling, calculating ticket fares, reviewing flight tickets, make sure passengers' identification by examining passports or identitiy papers, checking in baggages to be transported in the plane's cargo hold, providing flight boarding passes and supplying travel information.

Airline Operations Staff - The person who monitor and coordinate the airline's various airport activities by contacting flight arrival and departure staff, cargo handlers, ground crews, and aircraft boarding and disembarkation staff are known as airline operations staff.

Flight Dispatchers - Flight dispatchers are involved in organizing a flight plan that describes destination schedules, total distance, anticipated fuel use, navigation information, weather forecasts, alternate destinations and accountable for flight safety.

Aircraft Mechanics and Avionics Technicians - Aircraft mechanics and avionics technicians are involved servicing and maintaining the aircraft whilst on the ground. Aircraft mechanics also do duties such as undertaking routine maintenance and safety inspections and looking into any kind of mechanical troubles. Avionics technicians service the electronics systems of an aircraft, repairing, installing, and troubleshooting avionic equipment.

Cargo Handlers - Cargo handlers are sometimes employed directly by the airline or the airport authority and are responsible for getting baggage and freight on and off the aircraft.

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