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Flight Arrivals & Flight Departures connects you to airline flight arrivals and departures information by linking you directly to the Individual airlines flight status webpage.

Keep track of your flight arrival and airline departure information in real time and codeshare routes simply by entering your date of travel, destination or flight number on the ailine’s website.

If you do not know the airline flight number, you may still find the flight information by choosing the airport concerned. You can view a list of all flights arriving or departing from the airport.

There are several reasons why your flight arrivals get delayed:

Weather in one of the most common cause for delayed flights. Weather can affect airline flight schedules at the flight origin airport, during in flight and at the destination airport.

Air Traffic is congestion in the air, which affects aircraft as well and ultimately scheduled flight arrivals. Some of the causes of congestion in air include weather delays, Go Arounds Flights as congestion in at the airport runway requires air traffic controllers to hold some flights in a prescibed pattern before they are cleared to land. As a result, flight status of a particular flight within 30 minutes of the scheduled arrival time, you may find your flight may be reported as having arrived, even though the flight is still in the air.

Go-Arounds occurs when an aircraft is just about to land at an airport and the pilot decides it is not safe to land. Of course this affects the arrival time for that flight, as it could take up to 30 mins for the aircraft to return and land again.

Aircraft Mechanical Problems affect flight arrival schedules at the origin airport. If a flight experiences a significant mechanical problem while in the air, then the flight might be re-routed to another airport.

Delayed flight departures - There are times when a flight is intentionally delayed due to weather related issues or perhaps an incoming flight from another destination had many passengers on it who needed to connect with that flight. On rare occations, delay in the arrival of crew members scheduled to fly on that flight and cause the flight to be delayed.

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